Chinese Side-Scrolling Action Game ICEY Coming to PS4 on August 8th

Chinese Side-Scrolling Action Game ICEY Coming to PS4 on August 8th

Resist or embrace the narrator as you journey alongside a young girl in ICEY on PS4 next week.

Today, China-based developer FantaBlade Network announced that ICEY, a side-scrolling action game, is coming West on the PS4 on August 8th after being available in China and on PC/Mac worldwide since 2016.

In ICEY on the surface it seems like you’re playing the role of young girl with no memory, and with the voice of an omnipotent narrator guiding you through Ultimopolis on their quest to find Judas, a dangerous and powerful enemy.

However according to FantaBlade, players possess the ability to act within themselves, meaning they have the choice to resist the narrator’s instructions and instead help Icey discover her own self-awareness and perhaps more of the truth.

The ultimate question is do you prefer to see through Icey’s eyes and act as she would, or do you prefer to remain “yourself” and see the world through your own eyes. This choice will decide what the game’s real story is.

As for the game’s combat, it boils mostly down to side-scrolling hack and slash combat. You can also release a massive amount of enemy absorbed from kill shots to damage all enemies within view. Combining hack and slash moves and these energy releases makes the gameplay loop quickly becomes racking up combos for devastating results.

As mentioned above, you can decide to resist the narrator, and if done enough times, it will begin to prevent your progress and “even teach you how to play the game,” and deploy a variety of strategies to make you comply.

ICEY currently costs $10.99 USD on steam — whether or not this price-point translates to the PS4 version, remains to be seen.

Below, you can check out the game’s latest trailer: