Chivalry 2 Beta - Start Date, Consoles, How to Register

Chivalry 2 Closed beta is almost here! Find out how you can enter it and what you should expect from this hack-and-slash multiplayer title!

April 16, 2021

Remember the Half-Life 2 mod that later became a full-fledged hack-and-slash? After nearly a decade, we have some exciting news for Chivalry fans!

PlayStation announced on Twitter that Chivalry 2 is finally entering a Closed beta with pre-orders now available for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

Both pre-order versions come with a guaranteed spot in the Cross-Play Closed Beta from April 23rd to 26th.

Read more to find out about what the Middle Ages multiplayer has to offer this time around!

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What To Expect From The Chivalry 2 Closed Beta?

Here is a tease by Brand Director of Torn Banner Studios, Alex Hayter, on what you can expect from The Chivalry 2 Closed beta:

Wage war in The Siege of Rudhelm, an epic Team Objective mode map that sees you protect or invade an entire city and its castle
Continue the fight in more Team Objective, Team Deathmatch and Free-for-all maps
Find your fit: play as 12 subclasses ranging from Skirmisher (hybrid melee/ranged fighter) to Poleman (fighter that keeps opponents away with long melee range)
Cut your teeth in a full tutorial- – learn every technique in the book.
The full release will include all of the above — and more. In total you’ll fight in five unique Team Objective mode maps, which are sprawling, multi-stage levels where attackers have to push through each stage successfully or risk the entire game ending early. Siege entire cities in this mind-blowing game mode that truly feels like all-out war on a massive scale.

Chivalry 2 at full release will also have three additional, normal size maps to conquer in traditional Team Deathmatch and Free-for-all modes. But the conflict won’t end there! Much, much more content will be added after launch, including more maps, weapons and game modes.

Alex Hayter

When Does The Chivalry 2 Closed Beta Start?

According to his PlayStation blog, the Chivalry 2 Closed beta comes as a guarantee with all pre-orders of the game. It will be available on April 23 from 10 AM PT. To download the game on your system, follow this link to the Chivalry 2 page at the PlayStation Store.

Buying Chivalry 2 on PlayStation 4 will also allow you to get a free upgrade to the PlayStation 5 version. And both versions will allow you a guaranteed spot in the Cross-Play Closed beta. The Chivalry 2 Closed beta (April 23-26) will be a global test with servers available worldwide.

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Tips For The Chivalry 2 Closed Beta

Here are five tips for The Chivalry 2 Closed beta from the developers themselves:

  1.  Swing with your hips, not your eyes! Think of the crosshair as the direction your character’s hips face. When you swing a weapon, you can turn your hips to accelerate into a hit.
  2. You can hold down a block if you’re feeling overwhelmed — but be sure to aim your block at the point of your enemy’s strike in order to parry, then riposte and earn the advantage.
  3. Look around you. Make use of interactive traps including spikes, bear traps, chandeliers and more to kill your enemy without even clashing your swords.
  4. No fight is complete without a bit of banter. Cycle the voice line and emote menus to shout out hundreds of hilarious character voice lines on demand.
  5. Feeling desperate? Chuck your weapon at the enemy and then pick up anything you can find around you to use as your improvised tool of death. How about a wagon wheel, a giant tree limb, or even a full sized church bell? Anything goes.

How Is The Game Enhanced For PlayStation 5?

Chivalry 2 will feature 4K visuals and DualSense controller adaptive triggers and haptics for PlayStation 5. Some examples on what to expect from these are:

  1. Holding block on the left trigger will get harder as your stamina falls.
  2. The right trigger will increase pressure when you hold back the string of a bow.

Chivalry 2 is a multiplayer first person slasher launching June 8 that throws players into the thick of epic, medieval warfare. Fight in massive 64-player battles across a variety of maps that feel straight out of the best medieval movies of all time. Whether you’re sieging a walled city to assassinate the heir to the throne, or setting a village on fire while peasants (and chickens) scream in protest – in Chivalry 2 you’ll use the freedom of traditional FPS-style control to become a whirlwind of steel on the battlefield.

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