Chivalry 2 Has Been Delayed to 2021, More Maps and Features Will Be Added to the Game

Chivalry 2 Has Been Delayed to 2021, More Maps and Features Will Be Added to the Game

Chivalry 2 has been pushed back to 2021 to launch with more content and some quality of life improvements.

Torn Banner, the team behind Chivalry 2, officially revealed in a new statement that they will shift the release date of their upcoming title to the next year in order to bring a worthy sequel to Chivalry: Medieval Warfare.

While the game was supposed to launch later this year, the development team has decided to push it back to 2021, regarding the development challenges caused by COVID-19 pandemic. According to Torn Banner, they will use their time to add some new maps and gameplay features to Chivalry 2. In fact, the studio has decided to add post-launch content to the game at launch. That said, some features like horse-riding will be available sometime after launch.

Last year, Chivalry 2‘s announcement was one of the biggest surprises of the PC Gaming Show’s event at E3 2019. The game will again be back with a new overhauled combat system and a wide variety of new options in battles. Similar to the first game, Chivalry 2 will also be a multiplayer-focused experience that tries to have a realistic approach of medieval wars between soldiers, archers, knights, and some other well-known warriors of the era.

As one of the inspiring first-person multiplayer games set in the medieval era, Chivalry received a heartwarming reception from gamers when it launched back in 2012. Extremely focusing on large-scale melee battles between medieval empires, Chivarly brought a brand new experience for players, though it has its own issues and problems.

With the game delaying to 2021, it’s open Beta phase has also been pushed back to a later date, which is yet to be announced. The team is currently working on the Alpha build of Chivalry 2 that has already been sent to several testers around the world.

Chivalry 2 will be hitting PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC (Epic Games Store) next year.