Choose Which Dead Animal Will Become Ammo in Stronghold 3

By John Colaw

November 8, 2010

You read that title correctly, I promise. SouthPeak Games and Firefly Studios want your help in deciding which dead animal will become alternate ammo for the Trebuchet in the upcoming Stronghold 3. Mirroring a real siege technique, the dead animal will get launched into the castle where it will spread a cloud of disease, killing anyone it touches. A different size or spread of the “fog” will spread depending on which animal is used. Rest assured these animals are already dead prior to becoming ammo.

To vote, head over to their facebook page to vote for your choice. The four options available are;

  • Senile Donkey
  • Cage of Rabid Otters
  • Retired Dancing Bear
  • Sack of Diseased Badgers

I’ve gotta go with Retired Dancing Bear personally. “Use a trebuchet to hurl a Dead Retired Dancing Bear over castle walls!” should be on the box art, sales will increase drastically. Stronghold 3 will launch for the PC in Q1 2011 and I suddenly care a lot more than I did prior to hearing about this.

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