ChromaGun Developers are working on bringing the game to PlayStation VR

ChromaGun is the perfect game for Virtual Reality, and it's coming to PlayStation VR:

on July 31, 2017 12:26 PM

Recently, ChromaGun developer, Pixel Maniacs has confirmed new information regarding the PlayStation 4 port of the game. According to the developer, after numerous suggestions, they are working to make the puzzle-shooter hybrid PlayStation VR compatible.

Originally released on Steam in 2016 as a non-VR title, ChromaGun has players solving various puzzles using a high-tech paint gun to colorize walls. Since its release, the game has received positive feedback from critics and gamers. Think of it as Splatoon meets Portal.

Recently on Reddit, the developer announced that ChromaGun would be ported to the PlayStation 4 in late August. After the announcement, numerous Reddit users did not hesitate to express their thoughts on why ChromaGun would be a golden opportunity to utilize the PlayStation VR. After an abundance of fan requests, the developers decided to look into options for making the game VR compatible.

Currently, the developer is open to fan ideas and suggestions for what features gamers would like to see in the PlayStation VR version of the title. So far, the biggest demand fans have been asking for is the option is for the game to offer support for the recently-releases Aim Controller.

ChromaGun is out now on PC, Mac, and Linux. The PlayStation 4 port of the game is slated to launch on August 22nd. However, it is unknown when PlayStation VR support will be available.

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