CHROMATOSE Gets Tons of Twitter Updates Featuring Screenshots, Music, UI, and More

Persona 3, Catherine, and Monogatari inspired CHROMATOSE reveals music, battle system UI, and more through its official Twitter account.

CHROMATOSE, the successfully Kickstarter funded visual novel and JRPG inspired by the likes of Persona 3, Catherine, and Monogatari, has been getting tons of updates through AkaBaka’s Twitter account this past month. Some highlights include screenshots of the game’s backgrounds, UI updates and improvements, character art, and dialogue screens.

Can’t lie, seeing that overdone trope getting demolished is oddly satisfying to me.

Previously I had shown a sample of the pause menu that premiered in the previous Kickstarter update, which featured a visual flare reminiscent of Persona 5. It seems that since then, both the the pause menu and save/load menu UIs are now fully functional and look great.

The latest update (as of May 23rd) features a sneak preview of the battle system and UI. And I really like it so far. The animations have impact and the visuals are surprisingly unique. I was wondering how well the card battle system would translate in the game and so far it looks to be quite good.

The official account also retweeted a few work in progress pieces by the composer for CHROMATOSE, giving us a nice taste of the soundtrack. So far the music sounds lovely, and conveys a strong sense of atmosphere. I can’t wait to hear the full soundtrack in the game proper:

You can still try out the free demo here and check out all the screenshots and gameplay video here and hereCHROMATOSE is set to release for PC and Mac sometime in 2021. If you still want to support the title, the devs opened a Backerkit page, which allows supporters to buy preorder bundles that mirror the Kickstarter pledge tiers.

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