Materia Collective Releases Chrono Cross Tribute Album to Celebrate the Game's 20th Anniversary

To help celebrate the 20th anniversary of Chrono Cross, Materia Collective and David Peacock have put out a new tribute album.

November 19, 2019

This week marks the 20th anniversary of the release of Chrono Cross. The sequel to the all-time classic Chrono Trigger was a hit when it released on PS1; however, it didn’t quite live up to the heights of its predecessor. That said, Chrono Cross remains a great JRPG that is well-deserving of a big anniversary celebration. Materia Collective are doing their part by putting out a new tribute album from David Peacock called Parallelus.

David Peacock has worked on a number of video game-inspired albums in the past. Works like Hero of Time, Johto Legends, and the Undertale and Pokemon Red/Blue Piano Collections might sound familiar to fans of orchestral music inspired by games. However, Parellelus stands as one of his largest works to date. Chrono Cross fans can be expected to be reminded of many of the game’s seminal moments while listening. From a whimsical take on the town theme to an acoustic performance of the final boss music.

“I wanted to celebrate the music of Chrono Cross in a way that fans deserve, while also getting the opportunity to collaborate and feature some of my favorite musicians,” David Peacock said. “It was important to me that each musician got a chance to showcase their own personality, so there are many opportunities for improvisation throughout the album.”

The seven-track album is available digitally for $8, while you can pick up a vinyl version for $30. Anyone who wants a CD version can purchase one for $16 as well. I’ve listened to all the tracks and, while orchestral music isn’t my personal cup of tea, I think it’s well worth a listen for fans of the musical style and/or Chrono Cross.


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