Ciel No Surge Re:Incarnation Announced, and Comes With Tons of New Goodies

Ciel No Surge Re:Incarnation Announced, and Comes With Tons of New Goodies

If you missed playing it the first time around, or just really want to try it out, Ciel No Surge Re:Incarnation is Gust’s fancy new updated version of their original Vita game, Ciel no Surge, but with DLC and patches included.

According to Siliconera, Ciel No Surge Re:Incarnation will come with the World Packs 2-4, a ticket to download World Pack 5, the Polars Memory II, Konpota, and Narikiri Set I costumes packs, and more included. There will also be a new race in the game and some user-friendly menu tweaks for the the item crafting feature.

For those of you not in the know, Ciel No Surge was what Gust called a “commication game,” made for the Vita, that tasked players with interacting with a girl named Ion, who pretty much lived inside your Vita. Similar to Animal Crossing, Ciel No Surge was set to the clock in your syste, meaning whenever players turned on their system, they’d be peeking into her life as it happened in realtime. Players could interact with her and even set dinner dates with her.

While this certainly doesn’t help dispel the image of introverted gamers who are more intuned with a fantasy world than the real world, and certainly brings us a little closer to a Krieger-like relationship with our games, Ciel No Surge certainly is an interesting concept with a Truman Show-like feel.

Ciel No Surge Re:Incarnation
will be releasing in Japan as both a retail game and a PSN download, on February 21, 2013. Whether or it will arriving on Western shores anytime soon is unknown so far, but stay tuned to DualShockers for more updates.