Cinematic Trailer “Rubicon” Shakes Up The EVE Online Universe

on November 15, 2013 7:07 PM

“There’s no turning back.”

The EVE universe is, hands down, one of the most involved gaming communities of all time. After celebrating it’s first decade this year, there’s been a ton of new content, the newest being “Rubicon,” which seeks to elevate the drama of space battles and costly wars in the cinematic trailer below.

According to the developers at CCP Games, Rubicon “thrusts players into an epic moment” in EVE‘s history, empowering players to “defy the Empires and seize greater control of their universe.” With bold pilots defying the Empires and a new age of immortal elite, Rubicon asks: are these the first steps toward truly claiming the heavens as their own?

EVE Online: Rubicon will be available next week on November 19th. To try it out, check out, and more information, check out the EVE Online: Rubicon website. For more on the Eve Online universe, check out all of our EVE news. For a closer look at Rubicon, enjoy the screenshots and wallpapers below.

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