Circuit Breakers Is Coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in Early 2017

on November 10, 2016 12:42 PM

Indie studio Triverske announced today the console debut of its co-op twin-stick shooter Circuit Breakers — coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in early 2017.

Circuit Breakers lets players battle together in randomly selected levels against waves of enemies in either Arcade Mode or Score Attack mode, with a Challenge Board offering a slew of goals to add more focus to the game.

Players on Xbox One will get to enjoy the hectic gameplay with up to six players locally, while the PS4 version will follow the PC’s original four-player couch co-op limit. Loners can always go for the single-player option.

Circuit Breakers features seven playable characters, all with their own unique weapons, from flamethrowers to shotguns to lasers.

The game launched on PC in May.

Here’s today’s announcement trailer:

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