Cities: Skylines Gets Universities and College Sports in May 21 Expansion

Cities: Skylines is giving builders a chance to bring a university to their town with the Campus expansion. Players can build lots of new buildings and even start up a varsity sports program.

Cities: Skylines developer Colossal Order has supported the game with numerous expansions since the game’s 2015 launch. The tenth such expansion, called Campus, is coming later this month. It lets builders construct a college campus in their city and control every aspect of it, even varsity sports. Check out the trailer below.

Colossal Order has added tons of stuff to Cities over the years. The game now has natural disasters, mass transit, concerts, and countless other things. With Campus, they are entering the world of higher education and giving you numerous ways to build your universities.

Campus will come with three different options for your campus. You can build a trade school, liberal arts college, or a university. Each type brings its own unique flavor and provides your entire city with a bonus through their unique facilities.

Once you’ve built up your campus, you can start holding varsity sports. The trailer shows off football and track, but it seems likely that you’ll have options like basketball as well. You’ll be able to customize your team and try to lead them to victory against other universities.

The expansion also adds museums to cities. These on-campus buildings will provide further city-wide boosts based on which ones you build. The team is promising other free content that’s coming alongside the Campus expansion with details to come.

Cities: Skylines is available now on Linux, Mac, Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The Campus expansion is coming on May 21, so get out there and get your city ready for the rigors of higher education.

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