Cities Skylines Overtakes 100,000 Mods on Steam Workshop

Cities Skylines Overtakes 100,000 Mods on Steam Workshop

After the polarizing release of the latest SimCity, many fans of the genre decided to seek their city builder game of choice somewhere else, and found a new home in Colossal Order’s Cities Skylines.

While the game is very good on its own, as usual the PC modding community set out to make it even better, and definitely succeeded. They expanded not only the game’s visuals, but also its features, with many mods that introduce relevant gameplay elements and fix development oversights.

Today we learn that the game has now overtaken 100,000 mods on Steam Workshop, sitting on a grand total of 100,146 and growing.

Mods include simple (and not so simple) props and new assets, like a gazillion of different buildings, cars, trucks, trains, planes and more, and go all the way up to advanced modifications like traffic managers and UI enhancements.

Notable is yesterday’s release of the Metro Overhaul Mod by Lazarus*Man, BloodyPenguin and bsquiklehausen (you can see the dedicated subway depot by MrMaison depicted above), that finally brings the subway system to light, fully rendering the tunnels and trains, and even allowing you to move above ground and to elevated tracks.

That’s certainly a good representative of the creativity that permeates the game’s community, and that has made the game much more enjoyable over the past year.

Incidentally, Cities Skylines just received the new Natural Disasters expansion, even if that’s probably more suitable for players that are in for a challenge and prefer to destroy their cities to building them.