City of Brass Fortune’s Rival Update Released; Adds Tons of New Content

If you still play City of Brass then you're about to have some brand new content to play through in the Fortune's Rival update.

on July 16, 2018 7:24 PM

When I reviewed City of Brass a few months back, I mentioned that I hoped that Uppercut would keep with the roguelike style and that the game would be getting more content in the future. It seems like the developers have answered my hopes as today, they have officially released a brand new update for the game, titled Fortune’s Rivals. 

The update itself includes some brand new characters, weapons, and more to make your time through the city more interesting. In addition to that, the update also includes a few smaller features, including the ability to change your in-game gender as well as Japanese language support.

To celebrate the release of the new update, Uppercut Games also released a new trailer, which shows off all of the content that players will get in the new update. If your update is still downloading but you wanna see what it’s all about, you can check it the trailer at the end of the article.

The Fortune’s Rivals update is available right now on PC and will be hitting the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in the coming days.

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