Crazy PS4 Exclusive City Shrouded in Shadows Gets Tons of 1080p Screenshots full of Kaiju and More

Bandai Namco releases a large batch of screenshots of City Shrouded in Shadows for PS4, and it keeps looking crazier.

August 9, 2017

Today Granzella and Bandai Namco released a large batch of 1080p screenshots of their crazy city survival game City Shrouded in Shadows.

The screenshots show more of the giant kaiju, heroes and mecha that will attack the city (or clumsily trying to defend it). New reveals are Mothra, Gyaos, Evangelion‘s 5th Angel, Ultraman Tiga, Battra and Kyrieloid II.

We see that those monsters will battle both on the ground and in the sky (and will also transition in-between), forcing our heroes to avoid the destruction during various stages that keep bringing in different threats.

An aerial duel between Mothra and  Battra destroys buildings and bridges. Kyrieloid II will attack the city, and Ultraman Tiga will rush to the scene to protect it, causing even more havoc. A sky battle will also happen between a flying Kyrieloid II and the giant hero.


A group of Gyaos will swoop on the city, and our heroes will have to contend not just with one, but against one of them. Last, but not least, the Fifth Angel from Evangelion will appear, and the EVA 01 will try to block its path. Yet, this time there is no geofront to escape to.

The hero will be able to perform basic actions like walking, running, dashing, and crawling, but the most exerting actions will consume stamina, and when the gauge reaches zero, they cannot be performed for a while. Dodge rolling and breaking down doors is also possible, as running holding the heroine’s hand.

During the stages there are various encounters with other characters, and the player can choose among multiple dialogue options that will affect the hero.

Wearing different costumes also changes the hero’s stats. They’re integrated with the cutscene system, so they will appear during cinematics and dialogue.

Once a stage is cleared, the result screen appears, in the forms of a news website. Some of the articles will reflect the actions of the hero. There will also be rare articles that are difficult to trigger. Stats like distance traveled and the number of “giant coins” acquired will also be displayed.

The screenshots also show a few characters. Toru Fujiwara is a mysterious man with a strong body and dignified behavior. He has seen many things in his life, and he fears nothing. He appears to be an acquaintance of the criminals Shibata and Muto (revealed in previous newsblasts), but his purpose and identity are mysterious.

Hitomi Fukazawa is a biology researcher that the hero will encounter on the research ship Shibazakura. She is a gifted lady who studied abroad and became a professor in her twenties. She is hoping to confirm the identity of a giant shadow that was picked up by the sonar of the ship.

Mitsuo Katagiri is the captain of the Shibazakura, and an experienced sailor. He was supposed to retire six months before the events of the game, but he decided to stay at the helm longer, planning to retire after this last cruise.

Tetsuya Oda is the first officer, kind and attentive, friendly and serious. He deeply respect captain Katagiri and he is deeply attracted to Hitomi.

Last, but not least, we get to see two shadows teasing two new enemies. The first is peculiarly man-sized, and defined as a “suspicious shadow encountered in a laboratory.” The second is defined as a shadow with “excellent maneuverability, overwhelming other shadows.” If I was a betting man, this looks exactly like the Type J-9 Griffon labor from Patlabor.

You can check out all the many screenshots below, and if you want to see more, you can also enjoy the first gameplay footage, a previous batch of screenshots, and the first trailer.

City Shrouded in Shadow will release in Japan on October 19th, exclusively for PS4. A PS Vita version has been recently canceled.


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