PS4 Exclusive City Shrouded in Shadows Reveals First Gameplay: Escaping from Ultraman

PS4 Exclusive City Shrouded in Shadows Reveals First Gameplay: Escaping from Ultraman

Granzella reveals the first gameplay of its crazy Kaiju-filled PS4 exclusive City Shrouded in Shadows.

Today, during a livestream on Nico Nico hosted by the Japanese magazine Famitsu, Granzella revealed the first gameplay of its game City Shrouded in Shadows, published by Bandai Namco.

We get to see the hero as he visits a convenience store. Suddenly, as he comes out, something happens: a giant Ultraman appears down the street, starting to destroy the city.

As the crowd panics, the hero finds a florist whose stall has been destroyed. He can choose how to react to her by giving her money to buy her flowers, leaving her alone or more. Funnily, the viewers voted to just make fun of her.

This influences the outcome of the scene and how the character will react to things in the future.

After that, the protagonist meets a policewoman, and finds himself mixed up in Ultraman’s battle against a giant alien. Entering a building, he witnesses an illegal exchange. As a result, he needs to escape from the criminals in the middle of the chaos, helped by the explosions themselves.

At this point he ends in the middle of the battle against Ultraman and his enemy. After narrowly escaping he meets a group of survivors, with some dialogue scenes and more choices ensuing.

You can check the video below, keeping in mind that it’s from Nico Nico, so the quality is notoriously terrible and not representative of the final game. If you want to see more, you can also take a look at the screenshots (still from Famitsu) and information revealed yesterday, the trailer released recently, the most recent direct feed screenshots, and a batch of older images.

City Shrouded in Shadow will launch in Japan on October 19th, exclusively for PS4. A PS Vita version has been recently canceled.