PS4 Exclusive City Shrouded in Shadows Looks Bonkers in New Screenshots; Reveals More Monsters

PS4 Exclusive City Shrouded in Shadows Looks Bonkers in New Screenshots; Reveals More Monsters

Bandai Namco and Granzella keep adding more crazy monsters from the whole spectrum of Japanese science fiction to City Shrouded in Shadows.

Today Bandai Namco Entertainment released a batch of new screenshots of its upcoming survival game City Shrouded in Shadows by the team at Granzella.

We get to see how the hero will have to perform sudden actions to avoid danger, he will also be consistently pursued by criminals aiming for his life.

We get the reveal of the Type J-9 Griffon, and see how it will fight against the Ingram labors of the mobile police force. Another nasty critter is the alien Dada from the Ultraman franchise, came to Earth to gather human specimen. The hero will encounter him while wandering in a laboratory at night.

The MFS-3 Type-3 Mecha Dragon will also enter the city to oppose a rampaging Godzilla, but it will crush a building in which the hero has sought shelter, creating another very dangerous situation.

The Eight Angel from the Evangelion franchise will then appear, prompting all three EVA units to intercept.

Three new characters have also been introduiced. Chief Researcher Mizuki Sawada is a senior scientist at the National Cosmic Rays Research Institute. She hides in a storage room when the institute is attacked by mysterious aliens.

Haruomi Sasaki is the Deputy Director of the institute. Respected by his colleagues, he decides to remain in his lab during the incidents caused by the monsters to study the purple lights seen in the sky a few days before.

Kosuke Asano is the president of a small IT company called Hyacinth Soft. He also stayed at his workplace during the attack of the monsters, but his foot was injured, and now he’s in trouble because he can’t deliver his work.

Funnily, we also get to see  a collaboration with the Curry restaurant chain Go Go Curry from Kanazawa, which is the city where Granzella is located. A restaurant from the chain will be included in the game, alongside its uniform.

Last, but not least, we take a look at some of the early purchase bonuses  that will distributed in Japan, including outfits from previous Granzella games and from the franchises that appear in the game, including Evangelion, Ultraman, Patlabor, and more.

Check all the screenshots out below, and if you want to see more, you can also watch a recent trailer, and 35 minutes of gameplay.

Cty Shrouded in Shadow will release in Japan on October 19th, exclusively for PS4.