Crazy PS4 Exclusive City Shrouded in Shadows Looks Even Crazier in New Screenshots from Famitsu

Crazy PS4 Exclusive City Shrouded in Shadows Looks Even Crazier in New Screenshots from Famitsu

Just when you think Granzella's City Shrouded in Shadows for PS4 can't get crazier... It does.

The latest issue of Weekly Famitsu included a large spread on Granzella’s super-crazy disaster survival game City Shrouded in Shadows.

Well… Things have gotten even crazier.

Several new kaiju and giant beings that will terrorize the city have been revealed: Mothra, Gyaos, Evangelion‘s 5th Angel, Ultraman Tiga, Battra and Kyrieloid II will join all the other critters, mecha and assorted harbringers of destruction.

Incidentally, two more have been teased in shadow form. One is teased as “a shadow encountered in a laboratory.” It appears to be human-sized, and I can’t begin to guess its identity. The second is teased as “a shadow with excellent mobility overwhelming the other.” I might be wrong, but it looks like the Type J-9 Griffon from Patlabor.

We also meet four new characters:

Tooru Fujiwara is a mysterious man with exceptional physical abilities. Like Shibata, he targets the hero, but his identity and motives are unknown.

Hikomi Fukazawa is the leader of a marine biological research team on board of the exploration ship Shibasakura. As a shadow that appears to be a huge organism appears on the sonar of the shiop, she tries to confirm its identity.

Mitsuo Kotetsu is the captain of the research ship Shibasakura. He’s an experienced and honest sailor, and plans to retire after this last cruise.

Tetsuya Oda Is the deputy captain of the Shibasakura. He is frank and serious, and has a lot of respect for his captain. He seems to have a crush on Doctor Fukuzawa.

We then learn more about the game’s flow and features. The story begin as the hero goes to a park to meet the heroine. There are several stages, and in each they have to escape from the monsters, trying to survive. Each time a stage is cleared, the player proceeds to the next, where different threats will emerge. The story will progress with each stage.

Besides walking and running, the hero can perform several actions to enhance his chances of survival, including dodge rolling, crawling, and breaking doors with his shoulder. That said, strenuous actions consume stamina, and if it runs out, they cannot be performed. It’s important to preserve stamina for when you really need it.

The player also has to make various choices, and those choices will change the reactions of the hero. For instance you will encounter a florist whose stall has been destroyed. You can decide to buy flowers from her to be supportive, to ignore her and leave, or more.

The results of each stage are showcased in the style of news articles. They might even reflect the actions of the hero.

Wearing different costumes can change the hero’s stats. They can be acquired in various ways, like purchasing them at specific locations. They have several slots like “jacket,” “gloves,” “hat” and more. Even during cutscenes, the hero appears wearing those costumes.

You can check the screenshots out below, keeping in mind that they are from magazine scans, so the quality isn’t representative of the final game. If you want to see more, you can also take a look at the new trailer released recently, the most recent direct feed screenshots, and a batch of older images.

City Shrouded in Shadow will release in Japan on October 19th, exclusively for PS4. A PS Vita version has been recently canceled.