Civilization 5 Lead Designer Starts New Studio and Project

Civilization 5 Lead Designer Starts New Studio and Project

Jon Shafer, formerly from Firaxis and Stardock, has opened up a new studio that plans to focus on indie strategy games. To help accomplish this goal, Conifer Games has opened up a Kickstarter Indie Project to meet this goal and create the game At The Gates.

The game looks to take Jon Shafer’s experience and create a game that provides a constantly evolving landscape set in the waning days of the Roman Empire. Players take control of a barbarian tribe as they compete with other nations to fill the void of power. Resources are constantly depleting and will have players moving their tribes in search of new resources or pillaging those of their neighbors.


Seasons will also play a role in the game as the summer heat can scorch fields or winter freeze a river to allow for invaders to cross over.

The game’s target goal is a modest $40,000 that in terms of game development costs is quite minuscule. Strategy game fans that appreciate Civilization will want to check out the Kickstarter page to the game here and throw some support to it.