Civilization 6 Developers Announces New, Year-Long Frontier Pass

Civilization 6 developer Firaxis announces a new, year-long season pass for the hit strategy game. It all kicks off later this month.

Since launching in late 2016, Civilization 6 has added quite a bit of new content to the game. To date, they’ve shipped two big expansions and several scenario packs for players to jump into. Today, Firaxis announced a new way for them to pack in even more content. Starting on May 21, the team will begin delivering a new, bimonthly season pass they’re calling the New Frontier Pass. Give the announcement video below a watch to get an idea for what’s coming.

The New Frontier Pass in Civilization 6 adds all kinds of different things over the course of the next year. The first pack (releasing May 21) brings two new civs and their leaders, along with a new game mode. The new civs are the Maya and Gran Colombia. All six of the bimonthly packs include new civs, leaders, game modes, and other content. While most of what’s coming hasn’t been directly announced, it’s an exciting step forward for Civilization 6 fans.

The bimonthly approach seems perfect for Civ 6. That gives you two solid months to dive into the newly added civ before a new one comes along. I’m not a huge Civilization 6 player, but that sounds like a great way to keep the game fresh. And, if the new modes are well-received, this feels like the right direction for Firaxis to take.

Fortunately, we’ll know soon about how this move is received. Civilization 6 players can expect the first pack for the New Frontier Pass to drop on May 21. The game is available on iOS, PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One. If you haven’t already checked it out, now seems like a great time to pick the game up.

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