Civilization: Beyond Earth Lands October 24, Developer Releases 8 Minute Gameplay Video

By Thomas Luke

July 4, 2014

Civilization: Beyond Earth, the spiritual successor to Alpha Centauri, will be out on October 24, developer Firaxis has announced.

Pre-ordering the game from participating retailers will grant players maps that are based on real exo-planets.

  • Kepler 186f: This lush forest planet is one of the oldest known Earth-like planets;
  • Rigil Khantoris Bb: Orbiting the closest star to our solar system, the historical records of this arid continental planet’s settlement are well-preserved;
  • Tau Ceti d: This planet of seas and archipelagos features a booming biodiversity and a wealth of resources;
  • Mu Arae f: Tidally locked in orbit around a weak star, the southern hemisphere of this planet is a blistering desert where the sun never sets, while the northern hemisphere is perpetually in frozen darkness;
  • 82 Eridani e: An alien world of scarce water and wracked by tectonic forces;
  • Eta Vulpeculae b: A mysterious new discovery with unknown terrain.

To celebrate the announcement, Firaxis have also unveiled a new gameplay video to the public.

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