Civilization V Gets New DLC: Korea and Ancient Wonders

If you’re like me, Civilization V never gets old. I can play this game for hours on end if I don’t keep track of time. However, every so often I like to spice things up by trying a civilization I’m not familiar with or haven’t really throught of trying before. 2K Games and Firaxis make that easy by releasing new civilizations and related scenarios every so often. This time around, the new nation available in DLC form is Korea.

The Korean pack adds the Korean civilization, as well as a new scenario, where you play as Sejong the Great, who ruled the area from 1418 to 1450 AD. Want a glimpse of a special unit that will be available when you play as the Koreans? Look no further than history. Sejong the Great was credited with the development of a Hwach’a, which is basically an early iteration of a rocket launcher. It could shoot hundreds of arrows up to 1500 feet. Pretty badass, no?

There is more, however. Another content pack, titled Ancient Wonders, will unlock the ability to find three new wonders – the Temple of Artemis, the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus and the Statue of Zeus.

You’ll be able to pick up both packs on August 11th, priced individually at $4.99 or together for $7.49.

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