Civilization V Going Out into The Brave New World

Civilization V Going Out into The Brave New World

Strategy game fans better prepare themselves as 2K and Firaxis have announced that Sid Meier’s Civilization V will be getting a new expansion with Brave New World.

Sid Meier’s Civilization V: Brave New World expansion is being worked on for a summer release on both PC and Mac. The expansion will include several new gameplay features to assist players on their way to world domination.

There will be an introduction of international trade and focus on culture and diplomacy that will be impacted by Great Works across crafts, ideology, and global resolutions in the World Congress.

New features include:

  • Nine new civilizations with unique units, traits, buildings, and leaders
  • Ability to spread culture around the globe and create masterpieces with great artists, writers, and musicians. This also allows for the creation of museums, opera houses, and libraries.
  • World Congress has been introduced to allow for diplomatic solutions to be reached on critical issues that will be voted on included cities to host World Games and the use of nuclear weapons.
  • International trade routes allow for trade by land and sea to help increase the prosperity of a country while allowing for a greater spread of culture. This will also allow players to provide their empire with supplies across the globe.
  • Eight new Wonders have been added that feature the Parthenon, Broadway, and the Uffizi.
  • The game also features two new scenarios that allow players to fight the Civil War from either side and the scramble to claim colonial supremacy in Africa.

Fans of the franchise will want to definitely pick up this expansion when it drops sometime in the summer. Until then keep and eye out for more information on the game as it becomes available.