Civilization VI Supports Cross-Platform Saves Between Steam and Nintendo Switch

Civilization VI Supports Cross-Platform Saves Between Steam and Nintendo Switch

You can now play the same save file of Civilization VI from your PC while on the go with the Nintendo Switch once you've linked your 2K account.

Civilization VI now supports cross-platform saves between players on Steam and Nintendo Switch, all you have to do is link your 2K Account in both versions.

In-game make sure the multi-platform cloud save box is selected. Build a new expansion to your city on your desktop PC, save your game, and load it up on your Nintendo Switch, it’s that easy according to a video from the official Sid Meier’s Civilization Twitter account. Creating a 2K account is just like the hundreds of other online website accounts you probably have, though this one can link up with your PlayStation, Xbox, Steam, or Nintendo account in addition to Facebok, Twitter, Google, and Twitch. Whether this cross-save will be compatible with the iOS version of the game remains to be seen.


As of this writing the DLC expansions for Civilization VI have not yet been released on the Nintendo Switch version, though despite that the base game is still great according to our review of that version, which release last December. The base game of Civilization VI released in 2016 for PC and came to iOS a year later. Meanwhile, Gathering Storm released for PC players of Civilization VI in February 2019, and added eight new civilizations to choose from including Matthias Corvinus of Hungary. A free update for Gathering Storm, dubbed the Antarctic Late Summer Game Update, was released yesterday and makes tons of small updates and changes to the game and was livestreamed on Civilization’s official Twitch and YouTube channels.