Try Out Sid Meier’s Civilization VI With its New 60 Turn Free Demo

Try Out Sid Meier’s Civilization VI With its New 60 Turn Free Demo

Firaxis Games and 2K announced today that they have released a free demo for Sid Meier’s Civilization VI.

This demo lets players take control of the Chinese Civilization, led by Qin Shi Huang, on a fixed map with America, Egypt, and Sumeria for up to 60 turns. It also includes the tutorial from the full game, which also lasts 60 turns, so new players can get acquainted with how to play Civilization VI.

Once players have reached the limit on either of the modes, they will be given the option to either purchase Sid Meier’s Civilization VI or start the demo over. There is no limit on how many times one can play the demo. The developers also complied ten tips on how one should start playing the game, which you can read below:

  1. The first turn
    You will start your game of Civilization VI with a Settler and a Warrior. The Settler will be the unit to found your first city so it is important that you find a suitable spot for it: source of water for the city’s growth, resources for food and production as well as landscapes (mountains, desert, rainforest) for bonuses. Send your Warrior out to explore but keep it close to your city in case of a Barbarian attack.
  2. Take care of the Barbarian problem
    Early on in a game of Civilization VI, Barbarians will be your main source of trouble. They will tend to send out Scouts to look for cities, so attack them when you see them because, if they report back to their camp, they will send more powerful units to attack your city. Build some Warriors and Slingers early to defend your city, and clear Barbarians camps so you can focus on the growth of your empire.
  3. Know the map
    The map is one of the most important features of Civilization VI and it is crucial that you understand and explore your surroundings. Look for Resources or sources of water, ideal city spots; find Mountains or Rainforest tiles for district bonuses; explore the seas for new settlements. Send Scouts around your empire and let them initiate first contact with City-States and Leaders so you can be aware of potential allies or enemies.
  4. Plan your cities
    Civilization VI allows you to organize your cities the way you want. Unlike previous games in the franchise, you now have the possibility to build districts around the city centre and placement will play a very important part in your strategy. For example, placing the Science district near mountains will grant you extra Science points every turns while placing the Commercial district next to rivers will bring more revenues. Plan your cities and specialize them to get the most out of your empire.
  5. Make friends
    You are not alone in this wide world. As you explore the map around you, you will encounter City-States that can be turned into powerful allies. Send Envoys to a City-State to get extra Gold, Science or Culture for example. You will also have the opportunity to become the Suzerain of a City-State and earn unique rewards that can greatly change the outcome of your game.
  6. Learn about the Eureka moments
    Science and Culture will allow you to unlock new Techs and Civics in order to grow your empire, all leading to new units, districts and Wonders for your empire. Specific in-game actions will trigger Eurekas, reducing the time needed to research some Techs and Civics. Settling a city on a coast will give you a boost for the Sailing technology, while defeating a unit with a Slinger will trigger the Eureka for Archery. If you want to know more about all Eureka moments, simply check the Tech and Civics tree.
  7. Choose a leader that fits your play style
    In the Civilization VI demo you can play as China, led by Qin Shi Huang. In the full game of Civilization VI there are 19 civilizations available to play, offering different bonuses, unique units, and buildings, districts, or tile improvements. Each of them play very differently and will fit into different types of playstyles. China, for example, can complete Wonders faster thanks to its unique bonuses and the ability of its Builders, while Rome will favor territorial expansion and trade to accumulate Gold. Spain will tend to play an aggressive Religious game with various military bonuses linked to fighting civilizations with different religions.
  8. Know which victory to go for
    There are different ways to win in Civilization VI and it is important to understand the requirements for the four types of victories: Domination, Culture, Science and Religious. The easiest one to start with would be the Domination victory that requires you to create a strong army and occupy all capital cities on the map. Be the first empire to start a space program and colonize Mars for the Science victory; have all civilizations adopt your religion for the Religious victory or attract the highest number of tourists for a Culture win. It is all up to you and your playstyle.
  9. Adjust the difficulty
    If it is your first time playing a Civilization game, a great way to start is to play on “Settler” difficulty. For beginners, it is a great way to learn the basics of Civilization gameplay without worrying too much about the AI controlled civs and Barbarians attacking you.
  10. Check the Civilopedia
    Here’s an important one: the Civilopedia is your best friend. Simply click on the “?” tab at the top right of the screen to get access to it. From leader abilities, to units, district bonuses, and details of each resource, you will find everything you need to understand the different aspect of the game and what is needed for you to build a strong empire through the ages.

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI is currently available on PC, and is currently discounted as part of the 2K Publisher Weekend Sale on Steam.