Civilization VI Available on Nintendo Switch November 16

Civilization VI is headed to console, though maybe not the console you were expecting; it's coming to the Nintendo Switch.

on September 7, 2018 10:20 AM

One of the most highly acclaimed strategy games of our time is heading to the hand-held hybrid. Sid Meier’s Civilization VI will be available on the Nintendo Switch on November 16 so that you can lose yourself in a campaign on your daily commute.

Though the Switch has been a harbor for a lot of indie titles (rightfully so), it’s great to see such a well-known strategy game appear on the console. The announcement has come seemingly out of left field for many people as it’s hard to imagine such a large game running on a console, but it’s important to note that the game is available on the iPad (though those things are specced really well these days). We’ll likely be getting some more hardware specifics as the release date draws near.

The game will launch on Switch with all of the game’s latest updates including the Viking, Persia, Poland, Macedon, and Australian scenario packs. Friends can play Civilization VI on the Nintendo Switch via wireless LAN.

Civilization VI released back in October of 2016. You can read more on what we thought of the game back then here.

Noah Buttner is a staff writer at Dualshockers. He specializes in textual and visual analysis and is based in New York, where he recently obtained a degree in Journalism from Stony Brook University.