Civilization VI Poland and Leader Jadwiga Added; Winter 2016 Update Now Available

Civilization VI Poland and Leader Jadwiga Added; Winter 2016 Update Now Available

Civilization VI Winter 2016 Update is out now on PC, brining with it a list of the standard improvements and features you would expect from a big Civilization update. Accompanying the update is also new DLC: Poland Civilization & Scenario Pack and Vikings Scenario Pack.

Poland Civilization & Scenario Pack adds Poland and leader Jadwiga to the game. According to Firaxis, Jadwiga was an expert mediator, champion of Catholicism and protected the poor.

The DLC pack also includes a new scenario called “Jadwiga’s Legacy,” which tasks players with defending Poland, Prague, and Vienna from invading forces comprised of the Ottoman Turks and Teutonic Knights.

Poland as a a civilization in the game will have the Winged Hussar (which is strong on the attack and can push back defending units) as its unique unit, and Sukiennice (or cloth hall, which gives a bonus Production from foreign Trade Routes, and Gold from internal Trade Routes) as its unique building. Poland’s unique ability, Golden Liberty, allows them to gain territory when they build a Fort or Encampment, and even allows them to steal territory from other civilizations. They also convert a Military Policy Slot into a Wildcard slot, which gives them extra flexibility in culture.

Jadwiga specifically allows you to spread your religion to the nearby city when you gain another civilization’s territory. Further, her relics provide bonus Faith, Culture and Gold.

The DLC costs $4.99 USD.

Then there is the Vikings Scenario Pack, which is specifically called Vikings, Traders and Raiders,” and has been dubbed as the most detailed scenario released yet.

The scenario pack adds six new City-States to the base game:

  • Auckland (Industrial): Additional production for Coastal tiles.
  • Antananarivo (Cultural): Culture bonus that increases with every Great Person earned.
  • Armagh (Religious): Builders can construct the Monastery improvement, which provides Faith and heals religious units.
  • Granada (Militaristic): Builders can construct the Alcazar improvement, which protects military units and provides Culture.
  • Muscat (Trade): Bonus Amenities in cities with a Commercial Hub.
  • Palenque (Scientific): Improved City growth for cities with a Campus.

It also adds three new Natural Wonders: Eyjafjallajökull, Lysefjord, and Giant’s Causeway.

As for the scenario, it is 100 turns and takes place from 787 to 1087. In it you can play as Harald Hardrada of Norway, King Canute of the Danes, or Olof Skotkonung of Sweden. You have many gameplay opportunities  with the scenario according to the developer: you can a  build a trade empire and profitable cities, spread a religion and gain Faith for your people, launch a naval invasion of England, conquer Paris, find Vinland with an explorer, or sail through Gibraltar and raid the Mediterranean Sea. Lastly, special art assets for leaders is included.

This DLC also costs $4.99 USD.

Beyond the DLC, the free Winter Update is also now available, you can check out its full patch notes below:


  • Added Earth map (Standard size)
  • Added “Alert” action for units
    • Put a unit to sleep until they spot an enemy unit
  • Scenario setup menu
    • Jump into Scenarios more easily within the Single Player menu. This only shows up when a single player scenario is available and enabled (as can be found in both of the new DLCs!)
  • Added new replay option to Wonder completion movies


  • Religious units may now Fortify Until Healed
  • Coastal Raids can now pillage districts in addition to the buildings within
  • Great Admirals are no longer allowed to spawn on wonders in water tiles (ex. Huey, Great Lighthouse) so they cannot become stranded in lakes


  • Cities can no longer receive yields from more than one regional building per type; they take the highest (ex. production from multiple Factories)
  • Cities can no longer receive amenities from more than one regional building per type; they take the highest (ex. amenities from multiple Stadiums)
  • Decreased production costs of Wonders progressively
    • From the Industrial era (about -10%) to the Atomic era (about -40%).
  • Decreased production costs of all Space Race Projects by 40%.
  • Increased research costs of Technologies and Civics progressively
    • From the Industrial era (about +5%) to the Information era (about +20%).
  • Increased Faith from Mission
  • Increased Culture from Chateau
  • Lowered the minimum unit upgrade cost
  • Improved clarity on Warmongering penalties associated with taking a civ’s final city
  • Most Civilization unique districts now require population to construct (like normal districts)
  • Spaceport district no longer requires population to construct


  • Improved AI Deal negotiations and analysis
  • Improved AI handling of Promises; including that they are more likely to agree if they like you, and also will consider how trustworthy a civ is by whether they’ve kept previous promises
  • Improved tactical handling of Great Admirals and Great Generals
  • Improved AI interest in Terracotta Army
  • Improved handling of leaf techs
  • Improved building of Forts
  • Improved resource grabbing in late game
  • Improved Last Viking King agenda’s analysis for who is in bottom percentage of navies
  • Improved handling of several complaint or kudo messages from AI
  • Rebalanced Catherine’s evaluation of the ‘no spying’ Promise
  • AI will not try to convert unconvertible cities


  • Fixed several unique buildings that weren’t getting their yields increased by various game effects (ex. Policies)
  • Fixed an issue that allowed the Goddess of the Harvest pantheon bonus to stack
  • Fixed it so loading screens now show the correct text and play matching VO
  • Fixed an issue that blocked certain relationship-based diplomatic actions
  • Fixed an issue where incomplete Encampment districts were able to attack
  • Fixed an issue where you could declare war on friends or allies by moving units
  • Fixed an issue where AI could declare war on a civ with whom they were already at war
  • Fixed an issue that caused a Multiplayer lobby to require joining players to have Additional Content that wasn’t actually needed
  • Fixed a bug that caused Apostles to run out of promotions
  • Fixed a bug where gaining policy slots mid-turn could block progression
  • Fixed issues caused by trading lots of Great Works at the same time
  • Fixed an issue where turn timers weren’t loading correctly from a save
  • Fixed an issue where Rome’s roads would connect to too many adjacent roads
  • Fixed issue where civs could get another civ’s exclusive agenda
  • Fixed multiple links to the Civilopedia
  • Fixed issue that could cause menu music to play twice and overlap itself
  • Fixed an issue that could cause private MP games to become public
  • Fixed multiple text & grammatical issues
  • Fixed multiple crashes


  • Added new art for National Parks
  • Updated Mines for several eras
  • Updated Swordsman
  • Improved city fading during combat


  • Hallowed Ground scenario is no playable on huge maps
  • VO now plays correctly when loading a save


  • Resource Report now correctly shows resources from several sources:
    • Great People abilities
    • Diplomatic Deals
  • Checkboxes for toggle yields and grid now stay in sync with hotkeys
  • Improved differentiation in Government Lens hex colors
  • Added Defeat icon to the End Game Results screen


  • Added sound effect for Quick Save hotkey

A new first look style trailer for the Poland civilization was also released, you can check it out below: