Civilization VI’s Next DLC Adds Australia and John Curtin; Australian Summer 2017 Update Coming Soon

Civilization VI’s Next DLC Adds Australia and John Curtin; Australian Summer 2017 Update Coming Soon

Developer Firaxis has announced that the next premium DLC pack for Civilization VI will feature, for the first time ever in a Civilization game, Australia, led by Prime Minister John Curtin.

For those that don’t know John Curtin was the 14th Prime Minister of Australia, serving from 1941 to 1945. He notably held office while the country was under direct threat of Japanese attack during World War II. According to Firaxis, he proved more than capable for the job through landmark legislations, which greater unified the many states of Australia and assisted in its reconstruction following the war.

Curtin, who was leader of the Labor Party, sadly, passed away while in office on July 5, 194, leaving behind a legacy of progressive social reform and civic responsibility that ensuring himself as one of Australia’s most influential citizens of all time.

Australia’s unique unit will be “The Digger.” The following description accompanies the unit:

Nicknamed “Diggers,” Australian troops served the Commonwealth with honor and distinction in both World War I and II, on multiple continents, and often at considerable sacrifice. Their slouch hat pinned up on one side became a distinctive part of their uniform.


Meanwhile, their unique improvement is The Outback Station. The following description is provided:

Australian cattle ranches are called Outback Stations and are synonymous with life in the Australian Outback. The largest, Anna Creek Station, is 6,000,000 acres (24,000 km2; 9,400 sq mi) which makes it slightly larger than Israel and seven times larger than the biggest ranch in the US – King Ranch, in Texas. Many Stations still serve their original purpose as cattle ranches, while others have been converted into Outback experiences for tourists keen to sample the country life.


The DLC will release alongside a new free update for the game, which will include new features such as Steam Worskhop and modding tools, as well as multiplayer team functionality.

According to Firaxis, Steam Workshop will allow you to browse, add, and subscribe to mods more easily, and the other tools will make it easier for artists and modders to express their creativity within the game. Meanwhile, the update to multiplayer will enable you to team up with your friends against AI or human opponents.

The update, which is said to arrive “soon,” will also come with a number of balance changes and bug fixes. Civilization VI is available for PC, Mac, and Linux.