Cladun Returns: This Is Sengoku Targets Nostalgia Seeking RPG Lovers With Systems Preview

Cladun Returns: This Is Sengoku Targets Nostalgia Seeking RPG Lovers With Systems Preview

NIS America has updated the official website for Cladun Returns: This Is Sengoku, coming to PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and PC-via Steam in Spring 2017.

The website gives fans some further details on the systems featured in the game, characters, and pixel editor. The game is set in Japan’s Sengoku Era, as players create a character to explore a mysterious land called Arcanus Cella. Souls of the dead linger in around the land and some have unfinished business while waiting to be reincarnated. The player will assist these souls and fight their way through dungeons filled with monsters.

Additionally, the game features classic graphics and retro sounds that brings a sense of nostalgia to the player. Furthermore, the game features simplified controls to introduce new players to the action-RPG genre. The “Pixel Editor” feature allows players to create new characters or recreate favorite characters in 8-bit pixel art style. This type of editor is also applied to the weapons in the game.

The publisher details some of characters from the game:

  • Yukimura – The first lord that the player meets in Arcanus Cella. He explains to the player what Arcanus Cella is, and teaches them how to release souls from their regrets.
  • Ranmaru – He lost his master because of a certain incident and died filled with regret. He has an easygoing attitude and tries to get along with other lords.
  • Chacha – The wife of a famous Sengoku lord. She’s very secretive about her “passion.” Whatever it is, it’s also the source of the regret weighing on her soul.
  • Masamune – A lord known as “The One-Eyed Dragon.” He died never knowing why he was called “The One-Eyed Dragon.” And thus did his soul become burdened by regret.

The game will also feature a multiplayer feature on PlayStation Vita-via ad-hoc function. Players will be able to fight each other in versus mode, team up in co-op mode, and view dungeon clear times.