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Clash Mini Clashmas Update Patch Notes for December 21

Royal Champion joins Clash Mini as a hero!

December 21, 2021

Clash Mini gets Royal Champion as a brand new hero with the latest Clashmas update, but there are even more to discover in the patch notes, so, let’s have a look.

Clash Mini, the new member of the Clash family, received a new update today that brings all the Clashmas event additions to the game while applying a considerable amount of balance changes.

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In addition to Royale Champion, the new hero in Clash Mini, the Clashmas update also delivers Musketeer and Prince as two new Minis. Furthermore, the developers introduce Crystal Coins a new in-game currency that can be obtained from Heroes or Minis when you max out their levels.

Check out the patch notes below for all the new features, and balance changes:

Clash Royale | It’s Clashmas! New Season Trailer

Clash Royale | It’s Clashmas! New Season Trailer

Clash Mini Clashmas Update Patch Notes


  • Meet the new hero: Royal Champion! Obtainable via special quests and shop.
  • Say Hello to the new minis: Musketeer and Prince! Obtainable via special quests and shop.
  • Clashmas event quests with a special “Candy Elf” Spear Goblin skin reward are here! Jump in and start your Clashmas journey.
  • Deck slots are here! Save up to 3 preferred mini decks.
  • Mini Rooms! Invite your friends with a unique code and play together for fun and practice in both Duel and Rumble. Mini Rooms do not count toward completing Quests or toward Ranked play.
  • Say goodbye to Challenge Coins, and hello to Crystal Coins – a special currency that you use for special Skins in the shop! Crystal Coins can be obtained from extra Hero and Mini fragments once Heroes and Minis are at maximum level/star level.
  • Since the Challenge Coins are gone, anyone can play as many ranked matches as they wish per day!
  • Clashmas-themed mini skin set is here! Put on your ugliest sweater and check out some of the most beautiful hero and mini skins we have in store (literally) for you.
  • More hero quests and more diverse daily quests!
  • Spanish language support is here! Vamos!
  • Clash Mini now consumes much less battery on various devices.
  • Improved performance and a bunch of optimization on various devices.
  • Pathfinding of various minis improved.
  • Various balance changes applied! See below.

Balance Changes


  • Archer Queen:
    • Lv9 stat changed to “HP+1” instead of “Reduce “Crossbow“ Energy Cost by 1“
  • Countess:
    • Lv6 stat changed to “HP+1“ from “HP+2“
    • Lv7 stat changed to “Attack Speed +0.15“ from “Attack Speed +0.25“
    • Lv9 stat changed to “Attack Speed +0.2“ from “Attack Speed +0.25“
  • Barbarian King:
    • Super – Iron Fist now affects all allies on Lv1
    • New Lv5 upgrade: Iron Fist heals Barbarian King for 4 HP
  • Monk:
    • New Lv5 upgrade: Monk starts the battle with 3 energy


  • Giant Skeleton:
    • Bomb explosion delay increased to 2s from 1s.
    • Bug fix: Base Bomb should only stun for 1s instead of 1.5s; Upgrade – Flashbang should increase the stun duration to 2.5s in total.
  • Electro Wizard:
    • Base HP reduced to 5 from 7; HP growth reduced to 2 from 3 for each upgrade.
    • Attack Speed reduced to 0.6 from 0.650
    • Zzzap stun duration reduced to 1s from 1.5s
    • Upgrade – Fork: Extra target reduced to 1 from 2
  • Bowler:
    • Attack Speed reduced to 0.3 from 0.35
    • Strrrrrike!!! stun duration reduced to 1.5s from 2s
    • Upgrade – Crushing extra stun duration reduced to 2s from 3s
    • Bug-fix: Upgrade – On a Roll was stunning for 3s, the correct duration should be 1.5s and it is fixed now
    • Strrrrrike!! casting time increased from 0.6s to 1s
  • Barbarian:
    • Base Attack Speed increased to 0.6 from 0.4
    • Base HP increased to 7 from 6
  • Healing Ranger:
    • Energy to cast reduced to 4.
  • Battle Healer:
    • Base HP increased to 11 from 10
    • Attack Speed increased to 0.6 from 0.45
  • Lumberjack:
    • Base HP increased to 11 from 9.
    • Attack Speed growth increased to 0.15 from 0.1
  • Dart Goblin:
    • Base HP increased to 6 from 5
    • Stun Shot stun duration reduced to 1s from 2s, and a chance to trigger is slightly increased
  • General:
    • Extra energy on Electro Valley is reduced to 2 from 4.

Clash Mini is now available on Android and iOS devices. The game is currently available in select regions and is still in the beta phase.

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