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Clash Royale June 2022 Balance Update Patch Notes (June 7)

Night Witch buffed, The Log nerfed!

June 7, 2022

Clash Royale Balance Update for June 2022 is out today, and it will nerf two popular crowd-control cards, which could force you to change your deck!

A new season has already started in Clash Royale with a brand new challenge and new Season Pass rewards. However, the one last piece to complete the arrival of Bone Pit is the balancing update, which is available now!

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Supercell officially rolled out the June 2022 balance changes into the game, nerfing The Log and Barbarian Barrel, two top picks for every Clash Royale player for crowd control. From now on, The Log will deal less damage to Crown Towers. On the other side, the Barbarian Barrel will face a decreased range for rolling travel. Plus, the update slightly nerfs Skeleton King and Royal Ghost as well.


Going over the buffs, if you have Night Witch or Mother Witch in your deck, you are in for a treat as both cards have received significant buffs. Also, Supercell has tweaked Electro Giant and Barbarian. The latter will increase the Hit Speed for Barbarian, which is also a slight buff for Barbarian Barrel.

Last but not least, Goblin Drill has also been nerfed significantly by losing 25% of travel speed, which will provide more time for the opponent to prepare a counter for eliminating the drill.

You can check out the full patch notes down below:

Clash Royale June 2022 Balance Update Patch Notes

Mother Witch

  • Hit Speed: (+9% faster)
  • First Hit: (+25% faster)

Electro Giant

  • Hitpoints: (+9%)

Night Witch

  • Hit Speed: (+13% faster)


  • Hit Speed: (7% faster)

Goblin Drill

  • Travel Speed: (25% slower)

Skeleton King

  • Soul Summoning Ability: (Max. Skeleton count 20 -> 18)

The Log

  • Damage dealt to Crown Towers: 30% -> 20% (-33%)

Royal Ghost

  • Invisibility cooldown: (1.6s -> 1.8s)

Barbarian Barrel

  • Range: (5 -> 4.5)

At first, Supercell intended to decrease the pushing power of The Log by 50%, however, the community didn’t seem happy about this change, which resulted in changing the nature of the nerf for this card.

Clash Royale is now available for free on Android and iOS devices.

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