Clash Royale Summer Update 2021 Patch Notes - New Goblin Drill Card

Meet the new Goblin Drill card.

Clash Royale Summer update 2021 is now available across all platforms and it brings in big changes to the gameplay.

After the incredible success of Clash of Clans, Clash Royale turned into the second big title from Supercell with a huge community of players. The game has been out for several years now, and it has been expanded significantly since its launch.

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Today, Supercell rolled out a new big update for Clash Royale that adds a brand new card, changes the Trophy Road and Clan Wars, and applies some balancing updates on some of the cards. Check out the patch notes down below.

Sniper Elite VR – Release Date Trailer | PS VR

Sniper Elite VR – Release Date Trailer | PS VR

Clash Royale Summer Update 2021 Patch Notes


  • We have extended the Trophy Road to 8000 trophies and moved the start of the Leagues to 5000 trophies! We’ve also reviewed the early season reset for it to be dynamic.
  • For the Trophy Road: Two Arenas make their entrance in the Trophy Road: Rascals Hideout and Serenity Peak. Additional Arenas mean additional rewards on the road that you will be able to collect!
  • For the Leagues: The Leagues now start at 5000 trophies, and the more you climb, the less you’ll get reset at the end of a season. See more below.


  • For King Level 11 players and beyond, you can now find the Gold Crates in your Chest cycle. The chance of one of these Crates dropping increases with the King Level. There are 3 variations
  • With the introduction of two new Arenas on Trophy Road, the chests see their content scale-up for arena 14 and 15, as well as Victory Gold!


  • Now, Clan Wars are broken into Training Days and Battle Days. On Training Days (Monday to Wednesday), you can earn Gold by practicing with your War decks in River Battles.
  • On Battle Days, Battles will award Medals, which help move your Clan towards victory. Boats will now advance at the same time at the end of each battle day. Medals earned are totaled, transformed into Movement Points, and the Clan with the most Medals will move their boat the furthest.
  • If you don’t cross the finish line, it’s ok! At the end of the last Battle Day, War Chests will be awarded based on each Clan’s position on the River.
  • Boat Defenses that survive each Battle Day will now generate Movement Points for your Clan! Strategize with your Clan to have your strongest Clanmates protect the defenses that generate the most points. Leaders and co-leaders can remove the defenses!


  • The Goblin Drill [NEW]
  • Fire Spirit
  • Furnace
  • Elite Barbarians
  • Rascals
  • Giant Skeleton
  • Cannon
  • Cannon Cart
  • Golem
  • Ice Wizard


The Goblin Drill:

  • Unlocks in Arena 13
  • 4 elixir cost
  • 9 seconds lifetime (spawns a goblin every 3 sec)
  • Releases three goblins upon death
  • Inflicts small damage with a slight pushback when its spawns

Fire Spirit:

  • Elixir cost: Reduced (2 > 1)
  • Unit count: Reduced (3 > 1)
  • Damage: Increased (+6%)
  • Hitpoints: Increased (+109%)
  • Jump range: Increased (+25%)
  • Damage radius: Increased (+47%)


  • Now spawns 1 reworked Fire Spirit
  • 2 extra waves, now every 7 seconds
  • Lifetime: Reduced (-2%)

Elite Barbarians:

  • Sight range: Increased (+9%)


  • Rascal Girl first hit: Faster (1sec > 0.8sec)

Giant Skeleton:

  • Doubled Death Damage to Towers


  • Hit speed: Increased (+10%)

Cannon Cart:

  • Hit speed in the destroyed state: Increased (+10%)


  • Golem Death Damage: Reduced (-28%)

Ice Wizard:

  • Hitpoints: Reduced (-3% – now dies to a Fireball)


  • 5 more deck slots
  • Rewind functionality
  • Permanent game modes in Friendly Battles
  • Random Tower Skin Selector


  • Fixed multiple issues reported by players
  • Fixed 50+ members in war bug
  • Fixed Magic Coin and trades bug
  • Fixed drop glitch
  • Players can now spectate SCID friends battles
  • Fixed some issues for Fisherman
  • Bandit’s dash no longer continues after the timer reaches zero
  • Removed Strike icon from Pass Royale
  • Fixed missing Mirror deployment animation
  • Localization fixes/updates
  • UI Improvements
  • Other minor fixes/improvement

Clash Royale is now available for free on Android and iOS devices.

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