Clash Royale Update (March 31, 2021) - Magic Items and Wild Cards

Magic items are in!

The latest Clash Royale update introduces a new set of in-game items called the Magic items.

If you have upgraded your Clash Royale game, then you probably know there are now some new items called Magic. This is a brand new set of rewards that will include inside Chests, Pass Royale, Special Challenges, and some other rewarding activities.

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Aside from that, there are some changes applied to the Fame system of the game as well. Without further ado, let’s jump into the details of the new Clash Royale update patch notes:

Clash Royale Update (March 31) – Patch Notes


Magic Items are consumable items that can be used to upgrade/add progress to cards and open chests. Magic Items and the Magic Item Inventory unlock at King Level 4.


Wild Cards have the ability to take the form of any card! Provided they’re the same rarity… there’s only so much magic a card can do without getting a Wizard involved. Use Wild Cards to add upgrade progress to any card of the same rarity!


Usable on a card of the same rarity. A Book of Cards fills all remaining cards needed for the next upgrade level of that card!


The Book of Books functions the same as a Book of Cards but can be used with ANY card rarity.


A Magic Coin instantly upgrades a card without spending your gold, essentially giving you a free card upgrade. Can be used with any rarity.


The magical Chest Keys will open any locked chest in your Chest Slots – instantly!


  • Chests (Wild Cards only)
  • Pass Royale
  • Trophy Road
  • Special Challenges
  • Global Tournaments
  • The Shop


  • Wild Cards are the only Magic Item that will appear in chests.
  • Wild Cards start to unlock in chests from Arena 4+.
  • The probability of Wild Cards appearing in a chest is based on the Arena that you get the chest from.

Pass Royale:

Free rewards (Arena 7+)

  • 100 Common Wild Cards
  • 20 Rare Wild Cards
  • 10 Epic Wild Cards
  • 2 Chest Keys
  • 1 Book of Cards
  • *The Legendary card is now a Legendary Wild Card!

Free rewards (Arena 4-6)

  • 50 Common Wild Cards
  • 10 Rare Wild Cards
  • 4 Epic Wild Cards
  • 1 Book of Cards

NEW Pass Royale rewards (Arena 7+)

  • 1 Book of Books (EXCLUSIVE TO PASS ROYALE)
  • 1 Magic Coin
  • 2 Chest Keys
  • *The Legendary card on Reward Tier 35 is now a Legendary Wild Card!

NEW Pass Royale rewards (Arena 4-6)

  • 1 Book of Books (EXCLUSIVE TO PASS ROYALE)

Trophy Road:

  • Wild Cards on Trophy Road are replacing cards of the exact same rarity (or draft choices of the same rarity)

Special Challenges:

  • Stacks of Wild Cards
  • Chest Keys

The Shop:

  • Stacks of Wild Cards
  • Chest Keys
  • Magic Coins
  • Common Books of Cards
  • Rare Books of Cards
  • Epic Books of Cards
  • Legendary Books of Cards
  • Chests purchased in the Shop also have a chance of containing Wild Cards

Fame Changes:

  • PvP battles (any game mode): 200 Fame per win, 100 Fame per loss
  • Duels and Colosseum Duels: 250 Fame per Duel win (2 battles), 100 Fame per Duel loss
  • Boat Battles: 125 Fame per win, 75 Fame per loss
  • Boatyard Repairs: 100 Fame


  • The COPY DECK BUG is no more! (Copying decks did not guarantee that the deck would be copied exactly).
  • Diamond background pattern updated to an even more diamond-y background-y pattern
  • Fixed issues with overtime effects persisting between individual battles in Duels
  • Player Support ‘self help portal’ now available in China
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when players are navigating away from an expired challenge screen
  • 1v1 and 2v2 normal modes have a new design for card selection
  • Removed ‘old’ wooden card selection design in most places
  • Fixed an issue that could be used to enter battles with duplicate cards
  • Fixed an issue where Boat Defenses could get into a state where it was no longer possible to attack them
  • Wild Card information has been added to the following places (some elements have been moved to fit this new info):
  1. Shop chest pop-ups
  2. Chest slot pop-ups
  3. Chest content pop-ups
  4. Shop confirm pop-ups
  • Fixed Activity Log entries for Megadeck game modes
  • Performance improvements
  • Server-side fixes and improvements
  • More behind-the-scenes fun to keep the game optimized for players on all devices

Clash Royale is now available for free on Android and iOS devices. You can also play it on your PC by installing an Android simulator on your system.

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