Class and Inventory Information Has Been Revealed for OZombie

on July 3, 2013 4:51 PM

Update: Krysanthia has graciously pointed out that I used the name “Alice” and not “Dorothy” in the article. As of now, all instances of this have been corrected.

American McGee has released more information about his latest gaming project, OZombie, which is a Steampunk remastering of The Wizard of Oz novels.

When Dorothy first arrivals on the island, she is forced to choose a class that will be linked to one of three Countries in Oz: the Land of Ev, Winkle or Mo. Each class will feature both abilities and vulnerabilities, which will impact battle strategy and how she’ll overcome obstacles. Dorothy can add new attributes by swapping either animal or enemy heads (yes you heard right).

In terms of items, Dorothy will encounter a number of weird and sometimes useful ones. For example, Powder of Life can be used to revive the dead and or animate objects. Wishing Pills can instantly teleport the user to a wide range of locations. Then we have Eggs, Liquid of Petrification, berries and tons more. These items will be vital to exploration and what item is needed will change depending on your class.

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