Classic Horror Visual Novel '-Neighbor-' Gets Kickstarter to Create and Localize Remake

Otusun Land wants to remake 隣人-Neighbor- and bring the classic horror visual novel to the west on PC, iOS, and Android.

Otusun Land launched a Kickstarter to assist in the creation and localization of the classic horror visual novel 隣人-Neighbor-.

Originally released in 2009 by developer Rosalia, -Neighbor- is set in an inescapable haunted apartment. The game features a story full of Japanese horror elements with the use of monochrome background art and added effects to the set the mood.

Original developer Rosalia launched the game for free, but sadly, the company and the other studios who sponsored the game no longer exist, leaving the game to be forgotten. This means that -Neighbor- cannot be officially purchased anywhere in Japan or elsewhere, which is why Otusun Land wants to not only create a remake but also bring the game to the west for the first time.

The team at Otusun Land is seeking a funding goal of 550,000 yen (approximately $5,000) to bring this project west. In Japan, the game raised over 300,000 yen, which allowed the studio to include voice acting for every character.

Reward tiers for the campaign include a digital Steam key for $12 as well as a physical collector’s edition for $104, which include physical items packaged with a digital download card.

隣人-Neighbor- is currently in development for PC and iOS/Android. Otusun Land is a relatively new localization group in Japan who aim to devote their time to bringing unnoticed Japanese content to the west.

You can check out the campaign video below:

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