Physics-Based Claybook Sets a Steam Early Access Launch Date and Price

Physics-Based Claybook Sets a Steam Early Access Launch Date and Price

Second Order's Claybook is well on its way to becoming a solid state, but first it will make its way to Steam Early Access.

Independent Helsinki-based developer Second Order is still in the process of molding its new game Claybook, but today it announced a big step toward seeing its vision solidified. The game now has a Steam Early Access release date.

Claybook will be launching to Steam Early Access on October 18, giving players the tools they need to start shaping it themselves.

In Claybook, you play as two children who “bring the Claybook to life.” Through each chapter of the game, you will be tasked with solving puzzles and navigating obstacles with your clay blobs that can be transformed into a variety of shapes to meet the newest challenge. Each shape has its own strength and weakness, and some even have powers yet to be fully understood.

In this physics-based game, everything is made out of clay, and as such everything in the world can be molded. Local multiplayer is also an option in the game, allowing you and your friends to build together, perhaps going so far as to create your own Claybook chapters to share.

Claybook is expected to release to Steam Early Access on October 18 for $19.99. On its website, the developer also lists PlayStation 4 and Xbox One as additional platforms although there has been no further release information provided for console. For more information, you can visit the game’s official website or its Steam page. Below is a video of the game recently released Early Access trailer detailing its clay physics and providing a brief look at the creation system.

You can also check out the game’s Announcement Trailer released earlier this year.