Claybook Heading to Nintendo Switch, New Trailer Teases Creative Mode

Claybook Heading to Nintendo Switch, New Trailer Teases Creative Mode

Claybook is heading to the Nintendo Switch this March to let you play with digital clay.

If you’ve ever wanted to be a kid again, it appears as if Second Order’s creative title, Claybook will be bringing the youth back to your mind. It originally launched on PC, PS4, and Xbox One and as of the start of this month it was announced for the Nintendo Switch.

Claybook received a brand new trailer today which shows off the creative mode, showing what players are capable of building in the in-game editor. You’ll find the trailer embedded below showing an incredibly customizable sandbox being used to create a large playground.

Created by RedLynx veterans —The Developers behind the Trials titles— Claybook lets you take control of various shapes made from clay as you navigate various worlds created by clay. You’ll have to solve puzzles such as transporting water, destroying clay structures, and more. As you roll around, the soft mesh world reacts to the force of your impacts and movements.

You can even manipulate time by duplicating your shape, freezing the past shape in time and then sending your duplication to a previous point in your path and play from that point.

The in-game editor allows players to choose from over fifty shapes, assigned particle emitters, and set objectives and create puzzles. The levels are seen as “chapters” with all chapters being seen as a “book”, meaning you can create one world with various levels. These worlds can then be shared with an online community through full cross-platform access to community created content.

Claybook is available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One and will be available on the Nintendo Switch from March 12.