Cliff Bleszinski Calls Heavy Rain a Woman’s Game

Cliff Bleszinski Calls Heavy Rain a Woman’s Game


While gaming is primarily not a gender specific entertainment medium, it’s a widely known fact that it’s more popular among men and boys. Regardless, both men and women have enjoyed Quantic Dream’s Heavy Rain and its groundbreaking narrative.

Epic Games director Cliff Bleszinski believes the game would have performed better if it had been marked directly towards women, as explained in this statement:

“I hate to sound misogynistic but it feels like such a great game for a girl who wouldn’t normally play games. Because women love true crime! I don’t know what it is. I’ve said it before – they love two things in life: queso dip and true crime. Y’know, you’d see Heavy Rain advertised in PlayStation Magazine and things like that. I’m like, dude, why isn’t this in Entertainment Weekly? Why aren’t you marketing this to the right crowd? There were scenes were I was almost literally dropping the controller it was paced so well. If you had that and shipped a disc with all those women’s magazines you’d maybe have sold twice as much.”

Despite Cliffy’s opinion on the game’s performance, it sold reasonably well when it released earlier this year for the PS3. We told you back in August that the game had cleared one and a half million copies and this exceeded what the creators themselves had expected. Maybe they don’t need women’s magazines to sell their game.