Cliff Bleszinski is Interested in Consulting on the Gears of War Series

Cliff Bleszinski is Interested in Consulting on the Gears of War Series

While he doesn't want to return to game development in a full capacity, "Cliffy B" has said he'd like to consult on the Gears franchise if Microsoft would have him.

Following yesterday’s news that The Coalition studio head Rod Fergusson would be leaving the developer to go to Blizzard, another prominent figure associated with the Gears of War franchise has offered to make his own knowledge of the series available to Microsoft, if they so desire.

Over on Twitter recently, Cliff Bleszinski, the lead designer of the first three entries in the Gears of War series, stated that he would be interested in consulting on the franchise moving forward. Other than Fergusson, Bleszinski is perhaps one of the most knowledgable people around when it comes to Gears of War. While he hasn’t worked on any entry in the series since Gears of War 3, The Coalition, you assume, would surely appreciate feedback from one of the key people who helped bring the franchise about.

Bleszinski went on to add that he previously had a lot of ideas for Gears of War 4, noting that there was “one thing they haven’t gotten to” that he wanted to see implemented the most. He also wagered that if he was to somehow aid with a Gears 6, a project which would likely land on the Xbox Series X, the game’s community would surely be excited.

While Bleszinski definitely sounds interested in helping with Gears moving forward, he also made clear that he has no intention of returning to game development full time. Responding to one inquiry about whether or not he’d like to join The Coalition in a full capacity, Bleszinski said, “F**k no I can’t handle that stress.” Simply being a consultant wouldn’t take up all of Bleszinski’s time and would allow him to keep his focus on his current ventures which involve Broadway.

It remains to be seen if the powers that be at Microsoft would truly consider Bleszinski’s offer to aid with Gears, but it doesn’t seem like the worst idea by any means. I tend to agree with Bleszinski that simply having his name attached to a future Gears title in any capacity would surely make quite a few fans happy. We’ll have to see if this potential partnership ends up coming to fruition down the road.

Until then, the most recent entry in the saga, Gears 5, is available right now on Xbox One and PC. Gears Tactics, a strategy take on the series, is also set to release later this year in April.