LawBreaker’s Cliff Bleszinski: Microsoft is “Getting Their Sh** Together”; Scorpio is Promising

Cliff Bleszinski of Boss Key Productions and talks Scorpio, Microsoft, and LawBreakers on Xbox One.

on May 23, 2017 9:28 PM

Recently, developer Boss Key Productions and publisher Nexon American announced that its fast-paced, gravity defying first-person shooter, LawBreakers, is coming to PS4 in addition to the PC.

That being said, yesterday, founder of Boss Key Cliff Bleszinksi, best known as the creator of Gears of War, participated in a LawBreakers Reddit AMA, where all things LawBreakers were discussed. During the AMA Bleszinksi was asked for his on Microsoft’s upcoming console, codenamed Scorpio, to which he replied:

“MS is getting their sh** together. They’re putting it in a backpack or in a shit museum and getting it alllll together. Scorpio is promising. MS bet on Kinect too hard last round.”

Additionally, Bleszinksi offered up a glimmer of hope to Xbox One gamers hoping that LawBreakers could makes it way to the platform: specifically saying, “don’t rule out an Xbox version [of LawBreakers], btw.”

LawBreakers will cost $29.99 USD and will release sometime later this year for PC and PS4.  The latter will also be notably playable at E3 2017, which runs June 15 – 17.

If you want you can tune in to Boss Key’s stream tomorrow, May 24th at 3PM PDT where Bleszinksi and co. will answer the questions about the game. You can find the stream here.

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