Cliff Bleszinski’s New Game Finally Revealed: LawBreakers

Cliff Bleszinski’s New Game Finally Revealed: LawBreakers

In the past few days, Cliff Bleszinski’s new studio Boss Key Productions and Nexon have been teasing their new game, that was previously code named Blue Streak. Yesterday we saw a world falling apart (upwards), and today, the game has finally been revealed.

The title is LawBreakers, and it’s a post apocalyptic free to play shooter set in the real Earth after a calamity called “The Shattering,” that caused the moon to split, completely screweing up gravity on our planet.


The players will either play the “breakers,” gangs born from the cartels after the Shattering, or the enforcers of the law. There will ben low-gravity pockets in the maps, and jet packs and grappling hooks to encourage vertical gameplay. Zero-G pockets can even be created by players.

We’ll see familiar locations, but completely changed by the shattering. For instance the Grand Canyon will still look like the Grand Canyon, but it will be half flooded.

LawBreakers is a mix between arena-shooter and class-based gameplay with five players per side. There is currently no lock on which classes are selected in each match, so if you want to play a team with five of the same class, you can.

There will be a variety of weapons, some of which will have aim down sight, and we’ll see rocket launchers, shotguns, taser pistols and more. Some guns will also have primary and secondary firing modes, while others will combine them to do “crazy things.”

Characters classes will be very different, and will range from big tank-ish characters and nimble assassins that can double jump and grapple to everything, including other characters. Classes will be distributed between factions in a symmetrical way (each faction will have the same mechanics), but each team will have a different version with different looks and dialogue.

The pillars of the game are “gangs, guns and gravity,” and according to Bleszinski, it’s great to create animated GIFs and YouTube videos.

There will be playable female characters, and we’re going to see gameplay on Friday. LawBreakers will be released for PC next year, and will be playable at PAX Prime this weekend.


Update: you can find the live action trailer here.