Cliff in Death Stranding Is a Heavy Smoker Because of Mads Mikkelsen

Cliff in Death Stranding Is a Heavy Smoker Because of Mads Mikkelsen

Smoking is bad but Mads Mikkelsen is really cool.

Hideo Kojima gave his followers on Twitter a cool little story about how the character Cliff, played by Mads Mikkelsen, in his upcoming game Death Stranding changed over time since the first script. According to Kojima-san, the character was changed to be a heavy smoker when he noticed that Mads Mikkelsen was taking smoking breaks in between filming scenes. You can see the tweet below along with some images of Mikkelsen and his character.

Just a few days ago, we got a hefty nearly nine-minute trailer along with an official release date. Along with this story, I wonder if Norman Reedus’ character Sam rides a futuristic looking motorcycle in the trailer and game as a nod to Reedus’ love for motorcycles in real life. It’s certainly cool to think about, and I’m excited to see what other little secrets Death Stranding has when it launches later this year.

Along with a new trailer and release date, Kojima Productions revealed various special editions as well as a collector’s edition for the title, one of which is $200. Additionally, we got some very film-like posters showing off what appears to be a large portion of the game’s main cast.

Death Stranding will be launching exclusively for PS4 on November 8.