Cliffy B. Talks New I.P. & DLC

Cliffy B. Talks New I.P. & DLC

Cliffy B. talks about the upcoming All Fronts Collection and Dark Corners DLC and how it looks to bring different aspects to Gears, like a stealth dynamic. He does recognize that stealth could be a dirty word in the Gears universe, but assures that players can choose to go Rambo if they want. Not only does he talk about wanting to create a new I.P., but also touches on Project Natal and what affects it could have on the mom/sisters of the gaming world. Cliff really hits on a lot of great topics during the interview and I respect his view about looking at different styles of games; as he says many genres are becoming crowded.

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I know many of us (including Joel and myself) are looking forward to the July 28th date for Dark Corners but after listening to Cliffy B. speak about the possibility of a new I.P.  I am extremely curious to see what he and the folks in his camp are looking at for the future, especially after hearing that it will most likely not involve any gimmicky controls.

Yeah I know I called you Cliffy B. Sorry bud.

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