Cliffy B Threatens Suicide if He is Remembered for “a f**king chainsaw gun”

on June 20, 2011 8:00 PM

You would think that developer Epic Games would be happy to remembered solely by its commercially and critically well received Gears of War series. Millions of sold copies, dozens of awards and a legion of passionate fans seems like enough to make a strong legacy for any developer. However, designer Clifford Bleszinski doesn’t see things quite the same way. The idea of being remembered for Gears of War seems to appall and disgust him and he’s made quite the threat for if this becomes the case:

“I can tell you know that if for the rest of my life I am only remembered for a f**king chainsaw gun, I will drink a bottle of whisky and put a gun in my mouth. I am far from done with everything. Gears is amazing and I love it, absolutely adore it, but it will not be the final legacy of this studio.”

This is a really impressive thing to say, considering how successful GOW is. It really makes me wonder which game or series he actually does want to be his studio’s legacy. Will it exceed even Gears in popularity and become some kind of omnipotent, phenomenonal, super-game? Only time will tell and I’m glad Epic has more up their sleeves. Apparently, the best is yet to come.

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