Climate Challenge Becomes Fate of the World

Fate of the World is a new title heading to the PC and Mac some time in the third quarter of this year. The title was originally Climate Challenge, but the new name seems much more fitting. The game comes from England-based indie games company Red Redemption. Unique to this game is a system of 10 ‘Master Plans’ that give players unprecedented control over the fate of Earth and its inhabitants. Keep your eyes out for this title! Read more for some of the scenarios and paths players will be able to experience in this upcoming climate change game spanning across 200 years time on Earth.

“The environmental apocalypse before us is a terrible and compelling car crash. To stretch that metaphor unforgivably, we sometimes feel we’re in the passenger seat. “Fate of the World” puts us back in the driver’s seat,”

said Red Redemption’s Managing Director, Klaude Thomas.

The game Red Redemption is bringing to the world will showcase human nature in a very interesting, possibly heart-wrenching way by allowing players to decide the fate of humanity using the 10 Master Plans. These range from a variety of experiences and include Apocalypse, Utopia, and Lifeboat.

In Apocalypse the goal is to overheat the planet and cause a chaotic chain of events that are related to climate change on Earth to occur, probably leading to human extinction. Utopia will be the virtual opposite, challenging players to create and maintain an ideal society while dealing with a plethora of issues that arise including the inability to cope with resource demands. Lifeboat is one of the less cut and dry aspects to the game and will see players going all out to save only themselves from the impending doom while deserting their fellow mankind to their fate.

For more information check out Red Redemption’s official website here.

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