Closers Gets Western PC Release Date Along With New Trailer

Closers Gets Western PC Release Date Along With New Trailer

Closers receives an official western release date which will take the game out of the Early Access program

En Masse Entertainment announced that the action online RPG, Closers, will release on PC-via Steam and En Masse digital store on February 6.

To celebrate the launch, all players will have access to Closers’ first raid, Dimensional Ops Center. During the raid, players will be able to fight through challenging scenarios while encountering unique enemies. This will offer the chance to acquire special loot as well as experience. The dungeon resides in the Nightmare World which is controlled by an entity known as Tiamet.

Additionally, players who have joined the Early Access version will receive the new update early which raises the level cap from 65 to 70 for all characters as well as unlocks a new hub area called Sky Ship Bridge, where players can find new story quests.

In Closers, players will become an agent called “UNION”, an organization dedicated to dealing with an alien lifeform that appears out of mysterious portals around New Seoul. When that game launches, players will be able to choose from five playable characters the “Black Lambs team: Seha, a reluctant combat genius, Sylvi, the dedicated leader, Yuri, the skilled martial artist who only recently discovered her powers, Misteltein, a prodigious young boy with amazing support skills, and J, the grizzled veteran with a troubled past”

These characters each have a unique personality and skill set that will fit most gameplay styles. Through dialog and missions, players will discover that the story features a branching narrative as they make choices over the game’s campaign. Additionally, players will be able to upgrade skills and weapons after completed quests

You can watch the new trailer below: