Cloud Pirates Major 'Death or Glory' Update Now Available, New Trailer Released

Cloud Pirates just got a major update that includes a new map, a new ladder system, and a first win of the day bonus. The developers also announced that 3v3 matches will be making a return in the future.

Allods Team has announced today that a new update for Cloud Pirates is now live. The ‘Death or Glory’ update brings a ton of new features and changes including a new map, new ladder system, and a first win of the day bonus, which will grant double experience. Alongside the announcement we also get a new trailer for the update, showcasing the new map, which can be seen below.

Here are the features and changes being released with the update, courtesy of Allods Team:

Brotherhood Ladder System – this new game mode allows the Cloud Pirate Brotherhoods to form teams of 7 Captains and participate in special Brotherhood versus Brotherhood combat during specific days and times of the week on standard maps and in standard game modes. Please note:

  • Teams can only consist of Brotherhood members
  • Incomplete team slots will not be filled automatically, assembling a team of 5 Captains means that you will only have these 5 Captains in battle, potentially against 7 enemy Captains
  • Two teams from the same Brotherhood cannot meet one another in battle
  • Team composition is limited by role (for example, no more than 2 support ships are allowed) but multiple ship Tiers are allowed, Premium Ships are allowed as well

The best Brotherhood teams will receive a weekly reward (for example, rare crews). Each team will have a special rating (based on a combination of the ratings of each member as well as the Brotherhood). Special matchmaker will put teams with matching ratings together in order to ensure maximum fairness.

Victory over opponents with higher rating will increase your Team’s rating more than a victory over weaker opponents and, vice versa, losing to much stronger opponents will not reduce your Team’s rating as much as losing to weaker ones.

Lone wolf Captains should not worry, however. One of the post-Update 1.2 patches will bring Personal Rating for solo players as well. Each ship will have its Captains split into groups by performance. Achieving better performance and moving to a better group will bring you higher rewards!

Special reward for the First Victory of the Day – the first victory with each ship will now grant double the usual amount of Experience. This bonus resets daily.

New map Fractal Space – Update 1.2 is bringing a new Deathmatch map! The Fractal Space was created by an ancient, insane race, driven by only one thing – the instinct to destroy. To hunt down these demented creatures is a dangerous but lucrative undertaking as each of them contains a core that is extremely valuable on black market – a perfect opportunity for a band of unscrupulous pirate cutthroats!

And last but not least, three-man groups will return in the near future as previously announced!


  • Players now have the opportunity to create 7-man Brotherhood groups to participate in Brotherhood ranked battles
  • Camera shaking effect when firing low-caliber guns was reduced
  • Camera shaking effect when firing high-caliber guns was increased
  • Improved visuals of abilities used to restore hull or shield hitpoints
  • Reduced the gaps between sails on Xadagan ships

Rating and Matchmaking

We changed the rating and rating-based matchmaking mechanisms. From now on, only the last 30 battles will count (or a bit more if the player is actively playing every day) towards rating and medal calculations and requirements. If a player plays less than 7 battles in 14 days with a ship, that ship is excluded from his rating calculations and its rating medal is removed. It returns only when the necessary amount of battles are played with it.

The Matchmaker will no longer add fresh players to a running battle after 1 minute of battle or 100 victory points reached.


  • Active Mission names are now highlighted when players receive them, when players enter the game or when players create a new Captain
  • Ingame notifications about the accessibility of new game features improved
  • Fixed the bug where some objectives in “Gentleman’s Fortune” mission did not count properly
  • Changed the treasure map reward type for the “Pirate Code” mission from Epic to Rare
  • Changed the Captain Talent icon

Treasure Maps

  • Fixed the Rare map description
  • Changed the number of fragments for Collector’s Maps


  • Added the “Support” achievement for collecting support points in battle
  • Lowered the point requirements for “Cannoneer”, “Strategist” and “Pirates Never Die” rank 1 achievements. Equalized the value of all achievements in different branches in a single rank.
  • Fixed the bug where you could obtain the “Who’s last?” achievement in other ways than intended
  • Fixed the bug where it was impossible to gather achievement points for the destruction of ships carrying treasure in Convoy mode when firing at long distances
  • Fixed the bug where the achievement obtained for finishing Tutorial did not count towards account achievements
  • Changed the Achievement order in statistics, removed one extra slot
  • Fixed the achievement “One Eyed Joe” (for destroying an enemy with bow cannons when one of the cannons is damaged)
  • Added the “Last Chance” achievement for obtaining the “Protection and Speed” bonus while having less than 5 percent of hull hitpoints left
  • Added the “Set the Chronometer” achievement for destroying an enemy within 2 seconds from the “Power and Speed” bonus expiring
  • Changed the icons for a number of achievement

Captain and Crew

  • Fixed the bug where Captain and Crew talents and bonuses to module performance did not work correctly on Support class healing turrets
  • Module performance Crew bonus now only affects installed modules (earlier it affected guns as well)
  • Crew effect duration and damage bonuses now correctly work with effects applied by gun shots
  • Crew tactical module bonuses now correctly work with summoned turrets
  • Crew level now plays a role when transferring Crew experience (50 XP points more per level)
  • Silver Crews now have XP income increased by 100 points, gold by 200 points
  • Added the option to collect contract fragments for Gold Crews. Collecting 100 fragments gives players the option to assemble them and receive a random Gold crew
  • Fixed various Captain Talent and Crew system typos

Maps and Game Modes

  • Picking up Attack and Defense bonuses now increases crew hitpoints gradually over 10 seconds instead of instantly
  • Fixed the bug where overlapping turret zone spots on minimap were too dark
  • Added “Point Capture” mode to the “Far Astral” map
  • Added the Mode Selection button, replacing the old Tutorial button. Players can now select which mode they want to play – Tutorial, Random Battles, Brotherhood Ranked Battles and Convoy
  • Added a “time to” timer for time-limited modes such as the Convoy Mode
  • Transit Point – fixed the minimap turret range display, fixed a number of details and improved the map’s optimization for low-end PCs
  • Convoy Mode – fixed the bug where enemy team received points when players joined after the start of the battle
  • Dead Man’s Chest – added a sound effect for picking up the chest

Miscellaneous Ship Changes

  • Fixed the bug where ships using beam weapons with increasing damage ability increased the damage for other weapon systems as well (for example, broadside cannons with this ability increased frontal cannon damage as well)
  • Bow guns that are able to fire only one round per overheat were changed. They will fire two rounds instead of one, but each round’s damage/energy income (if applicable) will be halved
  • Modules, destroying enemy shells around player’s ship and his allies, now also reduce damage from beam weapons by 100 percent for 2 seconds (debuffs will be applied in any case) for all allies who enter the module’s area of effect.
  • Fixed the bug where the bow gun fire visual effect sometimes got “stuck”
  • Stealth ships in hidden mode now have a detection indicator
  • Fixed the sound effects of several Engineering class turrets
  • Fixed the names of several starting modules
  • Weapon effects, activated by shooting guns, are now correctly affected by Crew effect duration and weapon damage bonuses

Heavy Battleships

  • Fixed the bug where “Impulse Shift” ability did set unintended objects on fire, not just ships

Heavy Duel Battleship

  • “Unstable Matrix” now counts as a defensive ability
  • “Prismatic Barrier” now blocks half of the damage received, the other half damages the ship, recharge time was increased to 14 seconds and duration to 5 seconds

Medium Interceptor Cruisers

  • “Overload Charge” now counts as a weakening module (was missile module earlier)

Light Support Corvettes

  • Fixed the bug where stopping shells flying against allied ships restored their hull and shield hitpoints
  • Fixed the bug where the “Reinforcement” and “Fulfilled Potential” abilities awarded higher amount of absorbing damage points than intended
  • Judgement Day module no longer consumes reactor energy
  • “Messiah” hull hitpoints increased by 7 percent
  • “Fulfilled Potential” recharge time lowered by 3 seconds, bonus reduced from 35 to 20 percent, speed and agility bonus increased

Heavy Battleship “Avenger”

  • Fixed the “Vengeance Mode” description
  • Fixed the issue where the “Vengeance Mode” could be used again only after the ship’s hitpoints rose back to 100 percent

Light Torpedo Corvettes

  • Fixed the bug where Rattle’s “Vanguard” torpedoes did 20 percent less damage than they should have
  • Rattle’s “Peak” bow cannon damage reduced by 10 percent
  • Changed the Heart of Gold’s “Don’t Panic” ability visuals

Medium Long Range Support Frigate “Whisperwind”

  • The following abilities now award Support points: “Impaired Rage”, “Fury”, “Song of Wind” and “Thick Mist”
  • Fixed the “Stream Management” ability visuals

Heavy Sniper Galleons

  • Heavy Sniper Galleon’s bow guns with “slow” effect can now deal damage to allies (the slow effect does, however, not apply in such cases)

Medium Frigate “Interceptor”

  • Fixed the “Defensive Turret” ability description (said 20 seconds, the correct time is 30 seconds)

Heavy Reinforced Galleons

  • Changed the visual effect of Windfall’s “Explosive Barrier” ability, Calamity’s “Defensive Barrier” and Cataclysm’s “Deep Defense” abilities

Medium Assault Cruisers

  • Whirlwind’s broadside “Needle” gun module-breaking ability reduced
  • Typhoon’s broadside “Needle” gun module-breaking ability improved

Light Support and Combat Support Clippers

  • “Lynx” torpedo artillery enemy incoming damage debuff on enemy targets reduced from 35 percent to 25 percent, damage reduction for allies reduced from 90 percent to 75 percent, the hull restoration ability was removed
  • “Spark” torpedo artillery enemy incoming damage debuff on enemy targets reduced from 35 percent to 25 percent, damage reduction for allies reduced from 90 percent to 75 percent, incoming damage to your ship reduced from 45 percent to 30 percent
  • “Magnetic Charge” ability duration increased from 5 to 8 seconds, does not trigger more often than once per 2 seconds
  • “Radiance” and “Luminary” hull hitpoints reduced by 13 percent
  • “Luminary” shield hitpoints reduced by 25 percent

User Interface

  • Reworked the minimum and maximum altitude warning indicators
  • Many windows now have a “cross” closing icons for players more used to that method of closing
  • Group window now shows ship type
  • The Locker icon now shows that a map is in expedition queue
  • Incoming damage notification moved to the left part of the screen
  • Added notifications for chat and other social buttons

AI Opponents

  • AI can now use Engineering and Support ships and deploy abilities
  • Improved the AI opponent map movement
  • Reworked AI behavior such as targeting priorities, AI opponents can now have different ship configurations

Cloud Pirates is currently available via Early Access on Steam. Although the game will be free-to-play when it officially launches, players will have to purchase a Founder’s Pack if they want access to the game currently.

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