Cloudberry Will Be the World’s Most Stupidly Hard Platformer

Cloudberry Will Be the World’s Most Stupidly Hard Platformer

Take a look at that screenshot above. Have no idea what’s going on behind all the lasers, spikes, death traps, and generally unpleasant things? It’s Cloudberry, a brand new platformer from indie devs Pwnee Studios, and one of the first that’ll adapt to your skill level.

I’m still not sure how that mechanic will work, but Cloudberry boasts 6 difficulties which will undoubtedly change your experiences in-game, depending on how crap/great you’re doing. The header you see is apparently the game on the hardest setting, which will be a tough task for anybody. Think you’re up for it? Check out the trailer after the jump, and reconsider, for the love of Jebus.

…Yeah, I think my brain just exploded. I’d like to think I’m pretty good at difficult as hell platformers, but this just looks like one big frustrating table flip waiting to happen.

Apparently the folks at Pwnee have the same sentiment, so they’ve upped the ante: the studio is actually promising to give $1000 to the first person who can beat Cloudberry on the hardest difficulty. Hmm, do I really want to risk potentially going insane for a grand?

Unfortunately, yes. I’ll make sure to pick this one up when it hits the 360 sometime this Spring.