CMON Games' Next Board Game Kickstarter Project is Marvel United

Marvel United appears to be an Arcadia Quest spin-off complete with Chibi versions of your favorite Marvel heroes and villains.

Yesterday, CMON Games announced via Twitter that they would announce a “never before seenboard game today. Well, they’ve certainly done that. Marvel United is the team’s next Kickstarter project and it looks like a spin-off from their popular Arcadia Quest series with Marvel heroes and villains. The Chibi style models definitely aren’t for everyone, but Arcadia Quest is a successful property for the company, so maybe it won’t matter. Give the first-look teaser a watch below.

Listen, is this the most exciting thing CMON could’ve done? No, absolutely not. Fantasy Flight just released Marvel Champions, their new living card game and, even without that, there is no shortage of Marvel-based board games on the market. CMON also just shipped an Arcadia Quest spin-off (Starcadia Quest) last August. Granted, Marvel United likely won’t be out until 2021, but still, this is a mediocre announcement at best. At least for me.

All that said, the Arcadia Quest system is undeniably popular. They’ve successfully Kickstarted at least five of these games, so there are people out there who like them. The Marvel IP also won’t hurt. From a money-making standpoint, this is a no-brainer. I was just hoping CMON was going to make something new with six of their last seven Kickstarters being either remakes, spin-offs, or existing IP.

If Marvel United‘s style does anything for you, the game will be on Kickstarter soon. CMON didn’t provide specific details, but I would be surprised if we don’t see this pop up on Kickstarter by the end of the month.

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