CMON Games Teases a 'Never Before Seen' Board Game Announcement for Tomorrow

CMON Games is one of the biggest board game publishers around. When they announce a new game, it's undeniably worth paying attention to.

When CMON Games says they’re announcing a “never before seen” board game, you need to pay attention. While their games are certainly not for everyone (I’ve personally bounced off most of them), there is no denying the power the publishing giant has in the board game industry. Nearly every Kickstarter campaign they’ve put on has been a mega-success and there’s no reason to expect that to slow down. So, when they revealed today that they’ll be pulling back the curtain on their latest campaign, you know my ears perked up.

It will be very interesting to see what the team at CMON is cooking up. They already have several games on the books for 2020 as it is. We already know about Eric Lang’s next game Ankh, as well as Bloodborne: The Board Game and Munchkin Dungeon. Then there’s the Night of the Living Dead spin-off in the Zombicide style along with Trudvang Legends. They just did a mainline Zombicide game recently, so I can’t see it being that. Of their big games, the only one that might be looking at a sequel would be something like Blood Rage.

That said, it could be (and probably is) a completely new IP. The team has certainly shown a willingness to embrace new properties. Heck, they’re even publishing games without the help of Kickstarter these days, so who knows what’s up next for CMON?

Regardless, you can rest assured that when you and your eyeballs check back here tomorrow, DualShockers will be covering this and all the other big board game news.

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