Cobra Kai Goes Digital With Upcoming Beat-’em-Up

Cobra Kai Goes Digital With Upcoming Beat-’em-Up

Cobra Kai invites players to join Daniel and Johnny on a sweeping, beat-'em-up adventure later this year.

When it launched a few years ago, the Cobra Kai series was met with nearly universal praise. The series became a hit on YouTube, but is soon scheduled to move to Netflix. Along with the move, is a third season that is set to launch sometime in 2021. Fortunately for fans, the team is also partnering with GameMill for a new game. Cobra Kai: The Karate Kid Saga Continues was revealed today over at IGN. Check out the trailer below.

From the reveal trailer, we can see that Cobra Kai appears to be something of a mixed bag. It is, without a doubt, awesome that Ralph Macchio and William Zabka are providing the voices for Daniel and Johnny respectively. Having those two iconic roles actually voiced by the people that made them famous is an important step to giving fans the game they want.

The team also seems to have plenty of content on the table. You’ll have to play through two separate campaigns, centered around the two stars, to unlock the final ending. And, each fighter comes complete with their own host of abilities and upgrades.

Personally, all of this sounds great. Variable characters in beat-’em-ups are always a good look and I will forever be interested in new Karate Kid content. That said, the game fails to impress visually, which has me a little worried about how it will feel. Of course, I’ll hold judgment until the game is in my hands. But, I’ve already been hurt deeply by Fast & Furious Crossroads this year. I’m just not ready to trust licensed games again.

Cobra Kai: The Karate Kid Saga Continues launches on October 27 for Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One.